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    Newhall Farm Vermont products 


    Thank you for visiting these pages of our virtual Newhall Farm.  In reality we are located at an elevation of about 1800 feet in the Vermont Alps, in South Reading, Vermont, and we are committed to excellence in producing high quality natural and organic products while using skilled animal husbandry, humanely raised practices, and fostering responsible stewardship of the land.

    Our products largely include ice cider, maple syrup, raw honey, pastured beef and lamb. Our orchards are certified organic, our sugar bushes sustainable, and we are working towards a landrace apiary!

    You can find out more regarding all of our delicious and healthy eats at About Our Products.

    We also strive to conserve Randall cattle, Vermont's only heritage breed of cattle.

 No growth hormones or fed antibiotics are used on our animals. They are grass-fed using a rotational pasture system, and are given great care by our knowledgeable staff.

    Newhall Farm history dates from over a half century as the former Syndicate Farm which was well known for its dairy herd. After purchase we continued that tradition for many years, hence the use of a Jersey cow as our logo.

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