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Newhall Farm Ice CiderRelatively new on the beverage scene, ICE CIDER was born just over Vermont's border in Canada by an ice wine maker who grew apples as well as grapes. Voilà! a new and delicious nectar was created overnight, so to speak for it took over a decade to get ice cider recognized by the Canadian government. Shortly thereafter Eden Ice Cider Co., hopped the process over the border into Vermont. Little did we know Newhall Farm would soon have a plethora of apples into which SOMETHING must be made. Ice cider was first on our minds.

As with America's rejuvenation of hard cider--a drier potable than ice cider--Vermont is re-embracing the apple. The Pilgrims planted the first US apple trees, and today we see a metamorphosis in the apple neighborhoods of this now again fruit of choice. Pomology, the science of apple growing, is alive and well when gnarly old apple orchards awake to a pruning saw!

"Tastes like fall."   "It's a SOFT Cider." "It's naughty n’Ice Cider!"   "The Port of Apples."    "The New Classic Vermont Flavor."

Try Newhall Farm Ice Cider with blue or aged cheeses, charcuterie, spicy foods, cream desserts or as dessert itself. Sample some of our Newhall Farm Ice Cider, then share some of your good thoughts with us and we will share some of Newhall Farm with you.

Attention mixologists and bar chefs: with its long shelf life and small format bottle Newhall Farm Ice Cider makes a marvelous standby addition to your cocktails! Send us your recipe using Newhall Farm Ice Cider for inclusion in our e-mailings and website.

Sold Near You and/or shipped from Eden Ice Cider, West Charleston VT. Use the tab at right to email us about purchase. 

At this time we are unable to ship to the following states: Alabama; Arkansas; Florida-Day Counties of Lafayette, Liberty, and Washington; Kentucky; Mississippi; Montana; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; South Dakota; Tennessee; and Utah.

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Newhall Farm grass fed beefAll our cattle produce heart healthy GRASS-FED BEEF that contain beneficial conjugated linoleic acids (CLA's) and Omega 3 fats. Keeping our animals well nourished throughout the year is important so we continue to improve our soils and pastures for fresh nutrients in the summer as well as providing hay and haylage all year long. Our cattle have access to shelter during the winter and we rotationally graze them in milder months. If you are concerned about what you eat, and where and how humanely your food is raised, you will be pleased with our Newhall Farm premium beef products: Lean, "green" and less than 10% fat in our heart healthy ground burger!

*Newhall Farm is proud to assist Randall Cattle, Vermont’s only declared Heritage Breed of cattle, from being on the critically rare list. Randall Cattle is a distinctive American pure breed of cattle whose origin began with the Pilgrims and later around the turn of the 20th Century with the Randall family in Sunderland, Vermont. We care for about 25 head of Randall cattle and look forward to breeding more. In addition to helping conserve the Randall Cattle, Newhall Farm has grass-fed Red Angus and Black Angus.

Download About Randall Cattle by Phil Lang or visit Randall Cattle Registry.


Vermont's old-fashioned heritage can sometimes be new-fangled good, as in the effort of Newhall Farm to preserve the overall health of our sugar maples and in using the renewable energy source of wood to fire up our evaporator.. At this time we prefer not to use vacuum pumps to extract the liquid that essentially carries food to all parts of the (scientifically known Acer saccharum) tree. Instead we encourage the slow drip of this high sugar concentrated sap, and it's natural, gravitational, free-run flow to produce MAPLE SYRUP that has a taste of place of the Alps at Newhall Farm. 

Now and again Newhall Farm travels with a suitcase of flavor. Watch tasters throughout the state of Vermont and their taste bud reactions to our maple syrup's flavor of place in “The Alps” of Reading, Vermont.


Newhall farm Maple Syrup is used in Castleton Crackers! a perfect match with sharp cheese and our Newhall Farm Ice Cider!


Our Dorset Mondale pastured LAMB are raised in the heart of the Vermont "Alps" of Reading in a natural and sustainable, free-range environment. No growth hormones and no fed antibiotics are given, but they do enjoy organic feed when necessary! 



The heritage breed chickens of Newhall Farm spend most seasons following their mobile home foraging pastures where cattle have been, and then they look forward to snuggling in their winter shelter. Araucana, Plymouth Rock, and Rhode Island Reds produce a variety of FARM FRESH EGGS.



Our carefully tended apiaries and landrace Vermont queens survive Vermont winters, but the bees sure do look forward to the Spring sun. With acres of wild flowers and apple orchards our honey bees delight in warm seasons aflight. Before they ready for another winter our beekeeper helps himself, keeping the bees busy all summer long. Delicious, unctuous, RAW HONEY is the natural way to sweeten. With early and late season bottling, our honey varies with the blossoms. Early summer offers a lighter, more delicate sweetener from our blooming apple orchards, while fall delivers a more concentrated blend from flowering plants in the wild.