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    Newhall Farm Lavender Soap






    We all use a cleansing agent whether liquid or solid, odiferous or non-fragrant, deodorized or untempered, but did you know there is a natural chemical magic in the creation of soap?

    Soap was born in Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization, and produced by the Babylons while the cradle was still rocking. 

    Derived from the late Latin word, sapone, soap is a mixture of fat, oil, and salt, and in natural soaps the ingredients seem benign with the exception of alkali, AKA alkalye, a relative of lye.

    "Ouch!" you exclaim? No, nature's chemical magic renders this abrasive component benign and converts this caustic into a calm emollient.

    It happens when oils are introduced to the ingredient mixture. After a time the soap is transformed by the magical process of saponification.

    Added to the basic ingredients of olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, distilled water, essential oils, and that nasty bit of alkali, is our Newhall Farm grown lavender and wild peppermint, both of which make your body cleansing an aroma-therapeutic experience.




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    • Dick Palmer says...

      I did not know you were now in the soap business! Sounds like neat stuff.

      On December 11, 2014

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