• Vermont Ice Ciders Represent US at International Fest

     Les Mondial des Cidres de glace, QC Ice Cider Festival 
    Amid buzz about the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the Minister of Tourism for the province of Quebec, Canada, bid an official welcome to Vermont ice cider producers who represented the United States this February at the largest international festivity of ice cider. In its 7th year, Le Mondial des Cidres de Glace, announced this is the first year invitees from outside of Quebec were included.
    The honor was bestowed upon the Vermont Ice Cider Association
    ( ) a group of dedicated artisanal producers committed to making ice cider in the tradition established by their Quebecois neighbors. Jean-Pier Doucet, delegate producer of Le Mondial des Cidres de Glace, said in a letter, “We would like to invite Vermont ice cider producers to be part of our event this year because of the quality of your product.”
    All Vermont producers were complemented on the excellence and differentiation of their products made from Vermont’s official state fruit, and this despite being surrounded by the Canadian originators of this new beverage category.
    Sharing a frosty winter climate, a centuries-long heritage of apple culture, and a passion for quality, Vermont ice cider participants included Eden Ice Cider in West Charleston and Newport City, Hall Home Place in Isle LaMotte, Newhall Farm in Reading, and Windfall Orchard in Cornwall.
    Using the region’s natural cold weather to concentrate the flavor and sugar of the juice of Vermont’s largest fruit crop before fermentation, ice cider has 9-12 percent alcohol with 13-16 percent residual sugar.
    Initially developed in Southern Quebec, ice cider has a noteworthy refined complexity and is becoming recognized as a premier North American specialty, currently establishing a national as well as an international market. Last year Vermont took home three of the six gold medals awarded for ice ciders at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.
    Eden Ice Cider was one of the first producers outside Quebec and the first in the USA to receive a federally approved label for this fine apple dessert wine. Eden now produces small batch ice ciders for and Newhall Farm and Windfall Orchard that complement their own original line of products.


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