• Why we do Woodstock Summer Fest

      Having been a part of the Woodstock community for the past 40 years, which still doesn't make us Woodstockians or local Vermonters, we have come to love and highly regard one of the prettiest towns in America.

    We were brought up with pretty values so admittedly we wear rose colored glasses. This doesn't take away from all the niceties about Woodstock or the folks who live the dream that brought them here in the first place, trying to make a better and more beautiful place in this world. We may have slightly less angst about slavery as a few Woodstock abolitionists participated in the underground railroad to Canada, and we wish it were a greater highlight in our history, but we do our part now.

    Summer Fest is a culmination of local businesses and organizations putting forth their cause in the best Vermont month of the year. City folks who founded Woodstock escaped to their house in the country, so it's no mystery why Woodstock or Northeast watering spas were busiest at this time of year. 'Tis the season!

    Come this Saturday to celebrate summer the way it was and still is!

    PS. We will be pouring tastes of our Newhall Farm Ice Cider.
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