• Newhall Farm Ice Cider Food Pairing Tips

    Glass of Newhall Farm Ice Cider  Newhall Farm Ice Cider Cocktail    

    Newhall Farm Ice Cider has enough alcohol, acidity, and sweetness to stand at the altar allowing for multiple marriages with the following remarkable flavors.

    Salt: Serve with salt-cured meats, sharp cheeses, especially aged Vermont cheddar & blue cheeses.

    Rich: Similarly you can tame tempting foods like lobster & butter or those with cream sauces because Newhall Farm Ice Cider has more acidity & alcohol than most other hard or ice ciders.

    Spice: The ice cider sweetness transforms spice into a balanced love bite. Works especially well with cinnamon, curry, & saffron. The apple may have been born in the Far East so it’s easy to see why ice cider pairs well with Asian flavors.

    Fruits: Apples, of course, plus apricot, guava, & lychee make smooth connections.

    Sweet: Cream desserts such as crème brûlée, butter cookies, ice creams, & cakes--classic pound & wedding or otherwise--are wonderful with white chocolate, lavender, pistachio, ginger, hazelnut, & orange (think Grand Mariner.) Note: never serve a dessert sweeter than the wine itself.
    Incorporate ice cider into your recipes
    Try flavor variations of fruit & spice above using roast chicken & raw or grilled oysters.
    De-glaze pans after cooking meat or seafood.
    Use as the sweet in a sweet & sour sauce.

    And don’t forget cocktails! With a long shelf life choose Newhall Farm Ice Cider as one of your staple bar ingredients.

    Note: Tannins, such as those in almond skins (grill to relieve bitterness) & chocolate do not work as well, so if chocolate is a must make it light & milky or serve Newhall Farm Ice Cider as dessert itself -- or after dessert to sip the night away!

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