• Newhall Farm Ice Cider takes Gold Medal

    Ice Cider from Newhall Farm in Reading, Vermont, took a Gold Medal at the Great Lakes Cider & Perry Competition (GLINTCAP) held March 23rd & 24th in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


    A not for profit organization formed to “showcase and promote the art of apple and pear fermentation beverages and provide related educational opportunities,” the Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Association holds this unique competition for both “commercial producers (holding applicable licenses to produce the fermented and/or distilled beverages entered) and non-commercial producers (home hobbyists and non-fermenting commercial establishments like cider mills).


    The blind judging is for fermented products of all kinds, ciders, perrys, meads, beers, and commercial distillates, as long as they are made with apples and/or pears.  

    Qualities such as style, level of carbonation, level of sweetness, and any special ingredients or process used in production, are taken into consideration.


    Judges were a combination of experienced Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judges, experienced non-BJCP judges, industry professionals, and media:


    Nick Bradstock, former cider maker at Taunton Cider in England and currently a board member of the National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) and European Cider & Fruit Wine Association (AICV); 

Edu V. Coto, writer for two Spanish cider magazines, “La Sidra” and “Vivir La Sidra”, the blog "El blog de la sidra" as well as a German blog about cider; 

Dick Dunn, editor of the Cider Digest & principal author of current BJCP cider guidelines; 

Norman Groh,  Weidmann & Groh GbR (A cidery and distillery in the Hessian district of Friedberg, north of Frankfurt, Germany)

; Nicole Leibon, cider maker at Farnum Hill Ciders, New Hampshire;

 Ben Watson, author of “Cider, Hard & Sweet: History, Traditions & Making Your Own”; Dave White, president of North West Cider Association & author of Old Time Cider.


    Relatively new on the beverage scene, ice cider was born just over Vermont's border in Canada by an ice wine maker who grew apples as well as grapes. Voilà! a new and delicious nectar was created overnight, so to speak for it took over a decade to get ice cider recognized by the Canadian government. Shortly thereafter Eden Ice Cider Co., hopped the process over the border into Vermont.


    Newhall Farm Ice Cider pairs well with blue or aged cheeses, charcuterie, spicy foods, cream desserts or as dessert itself.


    Sold Near You and/or shipped from Eden Ice Cider, West Charleston, VT.


    Newhall Farm Ice Cider is available at selected retail stores and through Eden Ice Cider Company, West Charleston, VT; Shipping currently to Alaska, Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and South Carolina.



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