• Newhall Farm Ice Cider Cocktail Recipe for Spring and Summer

    Though the spring crocus we typically see here in New England is not Crocus sativus from which the exotic spice saffron is born, this beverage based on a fruit of fall, winters over as ice cider, only to surface at spring in a  delightfully refreshing cocktail that wafts of a summer breeze.


    Spring Crocus

    3 oz. Newhall Farm Ice Cider

    1 oz. Vermont vodka

    1/2 oz. fresh lime juice

    3-4 long threads of saffron

    Splash sparkling water

    Combine first 4 ingredients over ice.
    Add sparkling water.
    Stir. Add ice. Garnish with lime.


    Learn more about Newhall Farm Ice Cider and check out our

    Golden Apple cocktail recipe

    featured in Upper Valley Life magazine, July-August 2013.




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