• Orchard Symphony

    Toasting with Newhall Farm Ice Cider

    What comes to mind when you sip some of our Newhall Farm Ice Cider? Why, a symphony of flavors!

    Our small orchard was planted years ago for table or dessert apples such as Honeycrisp, Empire, and Macintosh. More recently, once we committed to making cider, we supplemented the orchard with heirloom and bittersweet cider apple trees.

    It's not surprising that tasty table apples play in major chords while traditional cider apples like Orange Pippin and Cortland feature sharps and flats. At harvest time in October we add wild apples from abandoned orchards and these impart dissonance. Together 100% Newhall Farm estate grown organic apples and a mix of wild apples comprise our flavor-of-place ice cider.

    Surprisingly stable with its bright acidity, full body, and an un-cloying long finish, Newhall Farm Ice Cider can be sipped and savored most anytime--and with it's long shelf life it can be left in the refrigerator as a mixer for cocktails.

    The crescendo in this orchestration is another another gold medal won this year at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition!

    Listen to your tastebuds and find out soon where to purchase or savor our Newhall Farm Ice Cider.

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