AJ's Apple Brandy

Newhall Farm AJ's Apple Brandy

AJ's will be soon available at Vermont Spirits in Quechee, Vermont.

Aged about 27 months in French oak AJ's Apple Brandy is a light and smooth tasting small batch brandy made from a variety of Reading, Vermont apples from Newhall Farn and Sunrise Farm.

AJ's is quality crafted by distiller, Harry Gorman, of Vermont Spirits to preserve fresh apple aromas and flavors.


Try some soon in your mug of winter toddy. Wassail to you!

 Download a recitation of our Old English Wassail Toast

Translation below.

Old English Wassail Toast
Eálá æppel, æppel!    
ùs métaþ þé and þín 
Gódum. Rúmgifolnes
sy æghwær and scir.
Min belg, amber of fower,
lim, bled, blóstm
min heort--min heort  

sy eower!


Oh apple, apple,
we dream about you and your
Goodness. Abundance
be everywhere and bright.
My bag, bushel of four,
limb, branch, blossom,
my heart--my heart,
be yours!